National Sickie Day next week 1st February

Jan 27, 2016
Posted by: pikke

This is the day, 1st February, when, according to statistic collected since last five years, most of us in UK will call in sick. And it is costing UK economy millions.

The scientists have come up with a pattern that “the first Monday of February” is always the day when people do not turn up to work. This is will cost as much as £34m to the businesses in wages, lost hours and overtime in 2016. It has become a national phenomenon that this specific day staff takes “unauthorised” leave claiming to be sic. Some come up with even more ridiculous excuses blaming their pets and families for not being able to come to work.

The true reason for this behaviour is most likely mounting debt caused by an influx of post-Christmas credit card bills, miserable weather, commuting in the dark and the long gap between holidays – with the next Bank Holiday in UK  (March 25th) feeling a long way off.


So litterally just "not feeling like to work".

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