2016 food trends in London

Mar 15, 2016
Posted by: pikke

City A.M newspaper asked in January some top London Chefs what they thought will be the biggest food trends this year. Here's what they they thought

Restaurants will become more hangouts for evening entertainment. More dining room type of places will open up where people are expected to stay and relax after their meals rather than go somewhere else (Ross Shonhan, Bone Daddies).

Savory desserts. After a huge debate of health issues caused by sugar more savour desserts will be found on the pudding menus. Ingredients will include things like herbs and wood land or coastal teasures like wild garlic, wood sorrel etc (Matt Hill, Down Hall Hotel)

Persian foods garnished with saffron, pomegranates, dried up limes. Middle eastern cuisine is expected to become trendy with its small dishes and plates that are shared among everyone (Jonathan Moore, Waitrose)

Gourmet take aways. Mobile apps like Dine-In and GrubHub are transforming take away business to a total new level. These apps will enable also top restaurants to take their dishes out of the restaurant doors (Allan Pickett). 

Snacks will go black. We will be enjoying more and more black food like bamboo blackened brioche buns, squid ink pasta, even charcoal infused water. Burger King Japan got there already by introducing "kuro burger" which is black.

Bakewell tarts. Old fashioned tarts are back infashion with all famous chefs working on with their own twists with this old classic (Allan Pickett, Piquet).

Latin American food taken further as Peruvian food will arrive in to the foodhalls. Also influences and meals from Philippines, Cuba and Hawai can be expected to be seen (Harrods food halls).

Flavoured Spirits. Different types of gin, vodka, rum and tequila will be sold this year as it is all becoming trendy again. Well be seeing new flavours like rhubarb, chillie and toffee in the bars.

Have a very wonderful and tasty food (and drinks) adventure in 2016!

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