Arctic is Cool

Feb 28, 2017
Posted by: pikke

It has been quite a while now that all things "Scandinavian" have been trendy in UK.

Scandinavian design has always had its place in UK thanks to wonderful retailers like Scandium selling quality design furniture and lifestyle items made and designed by old masters and new quirky Scandi generation.

During 2016 at least three new Scandinavian/ Arctic cook books were published in UK cherishing the fresh fish, rye and all things out of the forest. Very popular BBC programme Hairy Bikers helped a lot as they toured around the Baltic Coast in their programme. They visited Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and also northern Norway, even it is not on the coast of Baltic. They had a special moment with the Finnish Army enjoying pea soup on Thursday. Not sure we shall call that a great advert for Finnish food but definitely for the culture.

Danish crime TV series have been extremely popular also starting some fashion trends in UK (Nordic jumpers!)

There has been a lot of talk about "Hygge" - how to "Be Hygge" and how to "Make Hygge" in UK.  BUT, since reading the February (2017) volume of the Waitrose magazine where was an article now telling people to forget "Hygge".

It's time to get out and do something. It's nearly spring in UK and being Hygge does not do. It is a lame excuse not to do anything.

The time has come for real “Scandinavian doing and being” attitude. Cool lumberjacks, mountaineers, great outdoors, ice swimming, Nordic skiing and survival by eating fruits of the forest – you name it!

Just put on your Karhu trainers, Halti coat, pack some rye bread and black coffee in your rucksack and seek for an adventure - even a little one. Or would you just rather lay on the designer sofa under you very cosy artisan made blanket?

Get out there, start doing and experiencing things, Arctic is now cool and it is real and the Brits are hungry for it!

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