Organic food still on the rise in UK

Feb 8, 2017
Posted by: pikke

Good news for Organic farmers all over the world.  

British consumers and still buying into organic products. The market is, and has been, steadily rising over 7% annually. UK organic market is worth over £2 billion a year. Organic food represents around 1.5% of the total UK food and drink market. 

More and more new consumers are seeking organic –recent research executed by England Marketing revealed that  39% of shoppers buy organic food on a weekly basis. 80% of all consumers said that they have some knowledge about organic food. Many high street chains like McDonalds, Jamie’s Italian, Nando’s and Pret are including organic products on their menus now.

Recent news also is that a large number of schools are now serving organic food to pupils. The Soil Association says that more than a third of UK schools opt for organic meals.

Also the organic beauty and wellbeing sector grew by 13% to be worth £61.2 million.

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