Theatre professionals networking event in London hosted by Theatron

Mar 1, 2017
Posted by: pikke

We had fun afternoon of talks, demo and Scandi food at the SOLT

Mansoft, maker of Theatron software, hosted an afternoon for all London theatre professionals.

Theatron is a production management tool for theatres and playhouses to manage their production better and more efficiently. Theatron is widely used in majority of Scandinavian theatres and is now expanding to rest of the Europe and US.

We had the privilege of Ms Pirjo Pellinen Cultural Attaché for Finland opening the afternoon telling us fun facts about Finland followed by a delightful talk by Gillian Tan, a Video Engineer and Visual Technologist.  Gillian was sharing her experiences with us about recent technology in theatres and the work she does on interactive and immersive work. It is really all happening now very fast and we need to keep up with it all.

Mansoft’s Managing Director Samu Bäckman gave us a quick background about their work with Scandinavian theatres. After a short Theatron demo session, Olli Haaslahti, Theatron Product Manager, was there to answer all the tricky technical questions from the audience.

It was lovely to see so many theatre professional together and them being interested in the technology of the future. 

Thank you to everyone who came and if you have any questions about Theatron or the event, please be in touch.

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