UK is third best place to look for a job (in Europe)

Mar 3, 2016
Posted by: pikke


Unemployment rate in UK is currently 5.2 per cent, lowest since the recession 2008.   According to latest research, UK is one of the top places in Europe for finding work even the unemployment rate in countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Germany are lower than in the UK.

In the UK, only six per cent of those in work are on temporary contracts. The UK is also above the European average in terms of the proportion of workers who are working part-time who want to work full-time. It is just over four per cent in the UK – above France, Spain and Italy.

The UK also has a relatively low rate of youth unemployment (17 per cent). This compares high with youth unemployment in Spain and Greece, where it is over 50 per cent.

Taking these facts into account, as well as general employment rates, UK is in third best place in Europe in terms of getting of job – behind Estonia and Norway. Spain was bottom of the list, closely followed by Greece.

There is a huge need for digitally skilled employees as UK firms are also looking overseas to fill their tech roles as the domestic digital skills gap is still wide. According to a survey, done by recruiter Experis, of over 1,000 managers, one in four firms are looking overseas for IT talent.

However there’s a big difference across these IT roles, the same survey tells. Development solutions jobs are most likely, at 35 per cent, to be filled internationally, followed by business intelligence and analytics roles at 32 per cent. Information security is almost exclusively in-country, with just 7 per cent of roles being filled overseas.





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