Rita Smalley

Founding Partner

Tel: +44 (0) 7793 082 565

Rita is the technology partner and healthcare expert. Prior to Small + Blunt she has been working within international trade and as a management consultant in UK over 14 years. She has also worked as a senior FDI consultant in the UK.

Rita has years of experience in software and digital media  and telecoms. She has been helping companies with their varied needs e.g. market research, market entry planning, market feedback, competition analysis and channel development.

She is well liked partner amongst technology clients. Rita holds a BBA with legal studies and languages.When not working she is restoring vintage furniture while sipping Chai tea and indulging in varied chocolates.

Pirjo Kontio-Blunt

Founding Partner

Tel: +44 (0) 07712 330 697

Pikke is the creative partner and retail expert. Before Small + Blunt she has been working in international positions globally mainly in Europe and Asia specialising in Asian trade and business. Last ten years she has spent in the UK as international management consultant.

Pikke has strong background in services, travel and construction sectors and she is also known to handle agricultural matters. She is well known for organising not only educational but also fun study trips.

Pikke holds a Master’s Degree in International Business Economics.

When not working she can be found out and about managing her own small holding.